If you’re busy expanding operations, increasing revenue, or pushing for policy change – that is, leading – you don’t have time to manage your marketing design and development. You need a dedicated partner who can handle it, to your high standards.

Red Lemon Creative is your out-of-house, in-house design and dev partner. With broad expertise, precise communication, and always-there reliability, we turn your marketing wishes into reality.


We translate business goals into design that achieves them.

A website, collateral or branding that matches your company’s track record of excellence is a tall order. We handle it with gusto. Your goal is to grow your thriving business. We’re here to help.


You have high expectations. We'll meet them and raise you.

You’re running the show. You need big brains to rely on, people who get it done. When it comes to design and marketing, we fill that role. At both a strategic and an executional level.


You have an idea a minute. We bring the best ones to life.

You’re impressive. Let us help you impress. You’re driven. Let us help drive your business. You’ve got ideas. We pinpoint the strategy, provide the capabilities, and give your ideas legs.

Recent Work

Our clients engage us because of our track record, and keep us around
because we make their businesses better and their lives easier.


We support leaders of thriving organizations with immediate and ongoing marketing and design needs. If you need high-caliber creative strategy and the chops to deliver design with panache, let's talk.


Creative Strategy

The driving force behind all collateral.

We aim for big-picture clarity. Before tackling design, we dig into your audience, capabilities, and market. We operate as your trusted advisor for all things creative. Expect us to provide answers – only after we ask the right questions.


Web Design + Development

Your front door to the world.

You launch a website, then go heads-down to grow your business. You look up to find you’re thriving but your website tells last year's tale. We help you convey an accurate, compelling story, built on a technical foundation that allows for growth.


Brand Identity

Uh oh, is your logo sagging?

We hold your visual identity sacred, and make sure you're on brand in every endeavor. If you don't have one yet, we'll help you create the face of your organization. If it’s time for a new look, or just a facelift, we’ll tell you. Kindly.


Print Design

People judge books by their covers.

Most businesses aren't 100% online (and thank goodness). From trade show exhibits to maps to reports and beyond, we identify what piece packs the most punch for your audience. Then we create it – on message, on brand, on target.

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Video killed the radio star.

In a world where 30+ million people watch YouTube every day, video is expected by your audience. From storyboarding and filming to motion graphics and editing, we imbue your story with an emotional heft that only video can achieve.


Digital Marketing

Get the word out, precisely.

With 2 billion websites online, competition is stiff. We make sure your message is heard by the right people, for increased sales, sign-ups, donations, and more. There’s a science to digital strategy, and we think science is cool.


Advising + Consulting

If you only had (another) brain.

As a leader, you have decisions to make about your organization’s design, brand, design, marketing and website. You need a collaborator in achieving your goals. Trust us to do the research, advise on tough calls, and serve as a sounding board.


Gm Headshot Square

Genevieve Margherio

Owner + Creative Director

Genevieve has worked in design and marketing since the web was a baby, earning a BFA in Graphic Design while building 640x480 websites on the side. She started Red Lemon Creative in 2009 out of a desire to take on diverse, meaningful work and collaborate directly with passionate leaders. Clients rely on her ability to help them articulate their ideas and the way she functions seamlessly as an extension of their team – as well as her accessibility, collaborative style, and penchant for remaining calm in a storm.

We bring exactly the right team to each project. You may have the pleasure of working with one of our experts:

Megan Spears Project Coordination

Operations manager, data wrangler, productivity guru, cheerleader.

Carin Pike Project Management

Producer of projects and events, dog lover, rock climber, music video star.

David McKelvey Web Development

Full-stack developer, unofficial LEGO architect, whiskey aficionado.

Jodi Remensperger Project Management

Supreme commander of time and money, master communicator, sun worshiper.

Tracy Caretto UX/UI Design

Detail-oriented designer, passion-driven creative, yogi, foodie, world traveler.

Kayt de Fever Graphic Design

Print designer, illustrator, Adobe genius, dual citizen (viva Italia!).

Dan Letsche Web Development

Full-stack developer, advocate for elegant interfaces, mountain biker.

Lisa Holmes Graphic Design

Print and web designer, map maker, backpacking enthusiast, hiking book author.

Robert Radtke Web Development

Full-stack developer, sysadmin, hosting guru, avid cyclist, beer connoisseur.

Travis Rhoades Technical Strategist

Technical wizard, enthusiastic collaborator, coffee lover, mediocre bowler, night owl.

Paul Sloboda Motion Graphics

Motion graphics artist, citizen of the world, book lover, cat whisperer.

Jeff Harshman Video

Director and editor, content strategist, sometime writer, secret ninja.

In Our Clients’ Words

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