This data breach response and online privacy provider was undergoing a major rebrand, renaming both the company and its premier software product, while bringing their B2B and B2C websites together under one domain. Red Lemon designed and built a new unified marketing site to alleviate the brand and user confusion that had been inherent in the previous configuration. As an ongoing partner to IDX's digital marketing team, we continue to improve and maintain the site – while providing consulting, design, video and motion graphics to support the company's marketing initiatives.

What We Did
  • Website design
  • Identity element revamp
  • Motion graphics/video
  • High-level back end development
  • Ongoing website enhancements
  • Consulting/advising

Style Tiles

As IDX refined its logo internally, we were tasked with bringing a new visual identity to life while overhauling the website. Our process includes the creation of a set of style tiles, which share with the client a variety of ideas for how visuals might play out across the website and beyond. Working collaboratively with their marketing team, we arrived at an agreed-upon visual language, upon which we based the entire website design. Their team then evolved the theme to support additional marketing collateral, including digital, print and social media.

Identity Refresh

As part of updating the visual identity, we identified the building blocks of the new brand, including an updated color palette and directions for typographical hierarchy and button styles.

Website Planning

Our web design and development process includes wireframing, during which we test out layouts for effectiveness, before applying final style or content. This measure-twice, cut-once approach ensures that red flags are caught and dealt with before anything is carved in stone (or code).

Website Design + Development

This was truly a delightful website to create, with enough back end complexity to really sink our teeth into. The site interacts with a number of third-party systems, passes muster with audits from IDX’s IT team, and supports unlimited customer-specific landing pages that the digital marketing team can create on the fly. It’s all built on a secure content management system that we customized to IDX’s precise needs. We’re pleased to have learned that new team members don’t require training because the system is built so intuitively.

Motion Graphics + Video

We created a feature video that outlines the reason behind IDX’s software as well as its most popular features. We storyboarded, sourced voice talent, and crafted custom motion graphics to simplify a complex offering. We then spun off a series of how-it-works videos for use in social and blog content. Our stylized version of the product was so well-received internally that it has inspired updates to the actual interface.


I knew Red Lemon had great design chops, but I was even further impressed with their dev team. They truly surpassed my wildest expectations. The site is fast, modern, and easy to manage, even with a lot of complexities and moving parts. Post-launch, our site has immediately resulted in increased lead generation and received a ton of positive feedback.

– Justin Albano, Digital Marketing Manager, IDX