International Boreal Conservation Campaign

A project of The Pew Charitable Trusts, this international campaign encompasses a variety of science-driven conservation efforts across North America, focused on the boreal region of the continent (the full region stretches around the globe). Red Lemon has partnered with the campaign over many years in various capacities, working with multiple leaders and among collaborating organizations who focus on specific communities, species or regions that are critical to the overarching campaign.

What We Did
  • Consulting
  • Logo/identity
  • Website
  • Print Materials
  • Content
  • Video/motion graphics

Identity Design

Throughout our partnership with the IBCC, we have been called on to create or refresh logos for specific campaigns, events or partner organizations. We are always excited for the opportunity to provide outreach materials for teams doing policy-focused conservation work.

Biodiversity Hotspots Report

Conservation organizations Ducks Unlimited and the Boreal Songbird Initiative – both IBCC partners – share an interest in preserving Canada’s boreal region. They had commissioned a series of GIS maps for 10 biodiversity hotspots throughout the region. We simplified the GIS output, designed a master map of the region, and created a printed report suitable for a non-scientific audience. The report got great press and the master map was reproduced in various news publications.

Boreal Forest Trivia Event

At a large scientific conference, IBCC hosted a special event aimed at educating the greater scientific community about the importance of North America’s boreal region. We helped produce a trivia-themed event complete with invitations, signage, tickets and Trivial Pursuit-style cards, to educate and engage this specific audience.

Charting a Healthy Future Report

One of many reports we’ve produced for IBCC and its partners over the years, this was a particularly enjoyable project. The piece explained various ways of tracking migratory birds that next in the boreal region. We partnered with a GIS expert to produce a suite of maps, each one outlining a different method of bird tracking. The full report had a magazine style to it, making it beautiful and enticing to both a scientific and general audience. The piece was produced in both English and French.


Genevieve's thoughtful partnership is unique, and makes my work easier. I can hand over ideas that aren't fully synthesized and rely on Red Lemon to create a coherent and artful whole.

– Lane Nothman, International Boreal Conservation Campaign