Ironclad Brand Strategy

This thriving consultancy had outgrown its original web presence, and was doing sophisticated work that demanded an equivalent look and feel. We began with a complete identity refresh: new colors, new logo, new look and feel. Then we architected, wrote, designed and built a stylish, contemporary website that shows off their unique approach, clientele and thought leadership.

What We Did
  • Logo/identity design
  • Website design/development
  • Iconography
  • Infographics
  • Video/motion graphics
  • Collateral content/design

Identity Design

The company had undergone a naming process and the new name demanded a new logo with both gravitas and energy. Working off the connotation of “ironclad” we explored a variety of visual directions, ultimately landing on the idea of sparks resulting from welding cast iron. As a metaphor for a highly technical form of creation, this visual worked perfectly for a consultancy known for bringing a rigorous, scientific approach to brand building.

Website Design + Development

Ironclad’s website has morphed regularly over time, as we’ve expanded it to accommodate growing service offerings, promotion of the principal’s newly-published book on brand building, and more. We also designed and built a special portal their team can use to invite prospects and customers to view customized information not available via the public-facing website. This has been a particularly useful tool for Ironclad’s sales strategy.

Infographics + Iconography

A need to show off and explain Ironclad’s unorthodox approach to brand-building demanded educational illustrations, which are used in the website, presentation decks, and other contexts. The principal’s book and related promotional materials also demanded the creation of a special set of icons.

Collateral Content + Design

A variety of marketing campaigns have called for PDF giveaways in the form of informational booklets and guides. We have helped outline, shape, edit and create content for website copy, marketing campaigns, and other collateral. Each piece is designed carefully to fit within the overall umbrella of the brand look and voice.

Video + Motion Graphics

In close collaboration with Ironclad’s principal, we scripted, filmed, edited and designed motion graphics for a feature video that introduces the company’s unique approach. We also created a template and process for the creation of regular video blogs, which we produce, design, edit and publish as part of Ironclad’s ongoing marketing strategy.


Genevieve treats my marketing as though it is her own business’s marketing. She helps me make key marketing decisions, and always provides deeply-informed and nuanced counsel. I credit a great deal of my business’s success to her creative partnership.

– Lindsay Pedersen, Principal, Ironclad Brand Strategy