Oceans North

This international, Inuit-partnered organization works to foster ecological resilience in the Arctic, an area deeply challenged by climate change, oil exploration and shipping. New leadership emerged recently, and engaged Red Lemon to create updated branding and a new website. As the organization evolves, we continue to work in lock step with their communications team to support a unique, politically-driven set of needs.

What We Did
  • Logo/identity refresh
  • Website strategy/design/build
  • Customized maps
  • Sea ice camera project

Identity Refresh

At the behest of the organization’s new leadership, we worked with the existing logo mark to update the name, color scheme and lockups. Our goal was to preserve the art as created by an indigenous artist, while bringing the identity into alignment with the new website vie new colors and type – and accommodating multiple languages. The standard lockup is used in web and print contexts, while the badge lockup is often embroidered into hats, jackets and the like.

Website Design + Development

We produced a cohesive online presence that showcases a diverse set of projects, and provides localization in multiple languages, including syllabic Inuktitut. As we worked through content strategy and information architecture, we guided the organization’s leadership in the process of identifying how best to tell their set of stories within a holistic framework. The custom design and user-friendly content management system allows their communications team to keep their blog and newsroom up to date easily.

Custom Maps

In partnership with Oceans North’s geographers, we planned and manipulated base files output from ArcGIS to create a suite of maps that highlight specific Arctic locations the team focuses on. The hierarchy of labels as determined with careful use of type and color creates a cohesiveness across maps, indicating both geographic locations and local indigenous communities.

Sea Ice Camera Project

We love imagining clever solutions to unique, technically-demanding challenges like this one. Oceans North installed two weather-proof, solar-powered cameras on Mount Herodier in Tasiujaq, Nunavut, to monitor sea ice conditions, providing valuable data about a sensitive area of high biological productivity. Our team worked with the cameras and cellular internet connection to set up a system of data delivery that allows servers to capture hourly images as they are taken and uploaded by each camera. Our system then processes the images and automatically pushes them into a digital slide show, where visitors can see the most recent images online as well as on a kiosk at a local visitor center. We also produce annual time-lapse videos to showcase the drama unfolding over a season of ice melt and re-formation.


Genevieve is extremely patient and helpful at laying out clear options and facilitating our needs. She is a rare breed to speak the language of both worlds: business and technology.

– David Henry, International Manager, Oceans North