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While you focus on growing your business, we handle the creative.

As the leader of your organization, team or department, you don’t have time to manage the minutiae of your website or marketing collateral. We orchestrate everything from start to finish so you can focus on your priorities.

3 ways to partner with us

We pride ourselves on how we're able to fit your needs. Whether you need broad marketing vision or a targeted engagement, our flexible team can right-size to your precise level of need.

De Facto CMO
For the smaller organization without a marketing team, we work directly with leadership to chart your creative strategy, then direct and produce all of your interactive and print collateral.
Ongoing Creative Partner
For the larger organization with steady marketing needs, we work in lock step with your in-house marketing team, bringing senior-level creative and technical expertise to the table.
Project by Project
For the organization in need of a single creative product such as a website, we engage on a per-project basis, ensuring that our work is in alignment with your greater marketing ecosystem.

1. De Facto CMO

Our structure is uniquely suited to the business with ongoing marketing needs, but no in-house team to rely on. We work directly with CEOs, principals, and executive directors to plan your creative strategy. We meet regularly to align with your planned and unexpected needs. And then we take it from there – managing and producing all of your digital and print marketing materials, with the highest standards – freeing you up to focus on leading.

Creative strategy, Brand/identity, Web design/dev, Print design, Video/motion graphics

We rely on Genevieve’s marketing savvy – she is innovative and creative and somehow always manages to exceed our expectations. She is a passionate collaborator and has a terrific ability to bring ideas to fruition.

– John Lewison, CEO, WatchMeGrow

2. Ongoing Creative Partner

We are first and foremost generous collaborators, and enjoy engaging within the context of an established marketing department. Working as a creative partner to your marketing lead, we engage on a regular basis, planning goals then seeing them through, often in direct coordination with your in-house team. With this style of engagement we often check in weekly to monitor progress on deliverables, while responding quickly to unexpected needs.

Brand/identity, Web design/dev, Consulting/advising, Video/motion graphics

We’ve worked with Red Lemon on many projects. Genevieve is a great collaborator, asking thoughtful questions, teasing out ingredients of the brand and translating them into compelling visuals – all while keeping us on track and on time!

– Emily Cousins, Strategic Communications, International Boreal Conservation Campaign

3. Project by Project

If you need a creative partner to produce a single product such as a website, we engage on a per-project basis, leaving you to manage your greater marketing ecosystem while keeping our work is in alignment with it. Our senior-level team brings the kind of insight you need to ensure that your project is rooted in a clear marketing plan – so everything we produce works precisely in service of your goals.

International Boreal Conservation Campaign
Web design/dev, Brand/identity, Print design, Consulting/advising

Red Lemon greatly improved our presence on the web. Our previous site left much to be desired and they were able to execute my wish list in a timely and well-orchestrated manner. Also, Genevieve was able to work effectively with my larger organization.

– Melanie Quigley, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Yale School of the Environment

We partner with clients across North America

Companies, Consultancies, Firms, Etc.
  • Puppet
  • Certified Languages International
  • Luma Lighting Design
  • WatchMeGrow
  • Ironclad Brand Strategy
  • Thai Temple Stay
  • Extreme Meetings
  • Growthwave
  • Treetop Acupuncture
  • Wildhavens
  • Word Lions
  • Sesame Communications
  • The Renaissance Company
  • Freeman Training Systems
  • Pike Awning Company
  • Solid Ground Consulting
  • Sloy, Dahl & Holst
  • Slammin’ Productions
  • Inside-Out Style
  • Savour Specialty Foods
  • Mennenga Technology Partners
  • Courage Concepts
Non-Profit Organizations
  • The Pew Charitable Trusts
  • Ocean Conservancy
  • Boreal Songbird Initiative
  • International Boreal Conservation Campaign
  • Indigenous Leadership Initiative
  • Environment for the Americas
  • Alaska Marine Conservation Council
  • Ducks Unlimited
  • Ducks Unlimited Canada
  • Yale Environmental Leadership & Training Initiative
  • Nature Canada
  • Oceans North
  • OpenSTEM Research
  • University of Washington
  • Wild Whatcom
  • Women Survivors Alliance
  • Yale Center for Industrial Ecology
  • Fish Basket Coalition
  • Northern Confluence